Beware Parking Lot Accidents During the Holiday Shopping Rush

Navigating through a busy parking lot while doing some holiday shopping can be frustrating, but according to information from insurance companies like State Farm, it can also be dangerous. The number of car accidents in parking lots increases about 20% in November and December, based on nationwide accident reports. It would seem that while people are focusing on last-minute gift ideas, they are not focused on what is happening around their vehicles.

Parking Lot Accidents Can Be Minor or Severe

Many of the reported collisions are minor, sometimes only involving a new dent on a door when coming back from shopping. However, far too many involve pedestrian accidents, usually when someone backs up without looking. Serious injuries can occur at even parking lot speeds, especially in cases involving an elder or child being struck by a large vehicle. In order to prevent parking lot accidents this holiday season, it is important for everyone to do their part in upholding safety.

To help avoid accidents in parking lots, you should:

  1. Never drive faster than 5 miles per hour in a populated parking lot.
  2. Park at the far end of the parking lot where less people have parked; walking a longer distance is a fair trade for significantly reduced chances of being struck or having your car dinged by another door.
  3. Turn on headlights – not high beams, though – when traversing a parking lot, even during the day, to increase your visibility.
  4. When possible, don’t park between two SUVs, minivans, or pick-up trucks that obscure your view on each side.
  5. Don’t stack merchandise in your vehicle to the point where it blocks your own view of windows and mirrors.
  6. Hold your child’s hand or place them within an approved shopping cart child seat whenever walking through a parking lot.
  7. Ask passengers in your vehicle to also keep their eyes open for hazards and oncoming vehicles on your way in or out of a parking lot.
  8. Be mindful of any parked vehicles with lit taillights or flowing exhaust, as this is indicative that it may move at any second.

Get the Help You Need After a Parking Lot Accident

If you are caught in a parking lot accident this year, Accident Attorneys and our Lancaster car accident lawyers can provide you with legal representation and counsel. We can also help you with uninsured motorist claims if you come back to your vehicle after shopping only to find it seriously damaged by a negligent driver that fled the scene. Contact us today to get started with a completely free case evaluation.

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