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5 Personal Injury Myths Busted


At Accident Attorneys, our Antelope Valley personal injury lawyers have spoken with injured victims and families who voiced concerns or opinions based on myths and misleading information. While we are often able to straighten out their concerns by providing the facts, we also know that believing and acting upon the wrong information can adversely impact a victim’s right to recover financial compensation after being harmed by another.

To ensure you and your loved ones have the information needed to make informed decisions about your future legal journey, we have busted five common personal injury myths below:

  1. The other party was at fault, so the case is simple – This is a common myth believed by many accident victims involved in wrecks and accidents where they believe the evidence clearly shows another driver or entity is entirely responsible for their accident and injuries. While this can and certainly does happen from time to time, it is important to remember that no case is a guaranteed “slam dunk.” There may be factors involved that threaten your ability to secure a successful resolutions, especially when insurers argue that you contributed to an accident, you were not really injured, and that you don’t deserve a fair settlement. Even if you think another person is entirely to blame, you need to be aware that many things can cause a case to go south, particularly if you don’t have representation.
  2. The insurance company will fairly compensate you – Insurance companies are on your side right? Wrong. The truth of the matter is that insurance companies are on their own side; they want to protect their bottom lines and often place profits over people when doing so. When you are hurt due to another’s negligence, the at-fault party’s insurance company will do everything it can to deny or underpay your claim. You should never trust the insurance company, especially when they attempt to contact you after a crash. They may be trying to have you say something in a recorded statement that can be used against you, or have you quickly settle before you know the full scope of your damages and needs. Don’t trust insurers who aren’t looking out for your best interests.
  3. You don’t need a lawyer – This may not be a full myth, but it is certainly misleading advice we hear far too often. While there are no laws requiring you to obtain legal representation when pursuing a personal injury case, there are many reasons why forgoing representation can cause more harm than good. Without a lawyer, you face a complex and challenging process, as well as insurance companies that will capitalize on your lack of knowledge in their attempts to pay you less. When you work with a lawyer, you will have step-by-step guidance through the legal process to ensure you’re always taking the right steps. You’ll also have the firepower to level the playing field with insurance providers and fight toward fair settlements or successful verdicts at trial, when necessary.
  4. Injury attorneys are too expensive – This is a myth that often prevents victims from working with lawyers when they need it most, and from obtaining the full amount of compensation to which they were entitled. At Accident Attorneys, like many other injury firms, we work on contingency fees. This means there are no upfront costs to hiring our team, and fees are only collected from a portion of your final settlement or verdict. What’s more, we can help arrange medical treatment you need on a lien basis, which means you don’t have to come up with those funds during times where financial burdens may already be creating struggles.
  5. I can start my personal injury case at any time – This myth should never be believed. While you may have some time to initiate the personal injury process following an accident and injury, you must be aware that there are time limits in place for filing lawsuits. In California, this time limit, also known as a statute of limitations, is two years from the date of injury. If you wait longer than that, you won’t be able to sue or recover your damages from the at-fault party. However, you should never wait to enlist the help of proven attorneys who can walk you through the legal journey ahead from the very get go, and use extra time to build a strong claim and case.

Accident Attorneys is committed to educating victims about their rights and leveraging our experience and insight to guide them through their personal injury cases, including those involving car accidents, truck accidents, workplace injuries, and more. Get the facts and discuss your potential case when you contact us for a FREE consultation.