Greyhound Bus Crash in Fresno: Accident Attorneys Can Help File Your Case

On Sunday, March 24, a Greyhound bus carrying 35 passengers crashed, injuring at least ten passengers and sending one to the hospital. Passengers say the bus swerved up an embankment when merging from the 99 South onto the 180 Eastbound in Fresno. The crash caused the vehicle to swerve and jolted several passengers, causing at least 10 to complain of pain after the incident. One passenger was transported to the Community Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

Passengers say the driver, 28-year-old Ashton Castillo, exhibited signs of fatigue and sluggishness while driving the bus. When California Highway Patrol arrived on the scene, they arrested Castillo on suspicion of DUI. According to the CHP spokesperson, they suspect drugs, not alcohol, impaired Castillo’s driving at the time of the crash. As a result, Castillo fell asleep at the wheel and swerved off the freeway, injuring several bus passengers in the process.

Castillo was booked into Fresno County Jail and currently faces felony DUI charges and misdemeanor charges for driving without a license.

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Do You Have a Claim?

Our experienced lawyers at Accident Attorneys are currently taking cases for individuals harmed during the Fresno bus accident. We understand how frustrating it is to suffer injuries through no fault of your own, and we want to help ensure the liable party takes responsibility for the pain they caused. Bus accidents of this nature can lead to severe injuries, including whiplash, broken bones, contusions, spinal injuries, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and more.

If you take legal action, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Don’t wait to seek justice for your injuries, reach out to our firm today.

Contact the Accident Attorneys at (661) 261-4929 to discuss your potential case.

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