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June is National Safety Awareness Month: Making Safety a Priority


June is National Safety Awareness Month, and during the following weeks, the National Safety Council will be working to raise awareness about making safety a priority. This includes fostering conversations about common preventable accidents that injure and kill Americans, as well as tips and resources for everyone to use when doing their part to avoid them.

At Accident Attorneys, our Antelope Valley personal injury lawyers know that devastating accidents and injuries result when others are negligent and fail to uphold their duties to take simple, reasonable measures that can avoid injuries. Over the past 30 years, we have recovered more than $1 billion in compensation for victims who were harmed by these very failures. These include a range of accidents and injuries:

While every case we have handled was unique, and every victim’s journey different, they all focused on the claim that they should and could have been prevented if not for negligence. As part of National Safety Awareness Month, we encourage you to learn more about the ways preventable accidents can occur, and to visit the National Safety Council website for important tips and resources. These include resources that focus on:

  • Preventable causes of auto wrecks – Car accidents are a leading cause of accidents and injuries in the U.S., and many of them are entirely preventable. By focusing on common causes of auto accidents – including distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding – motorists can learn about the extreme risks these forms of negligence can pose, why it’s important to avoid them, and how they can take steps to make the task of driving their primary concern.
  • Drowsy driving – New studies and research have led to a greater focus on fatigued and drowsy driving, which has been found to pose risks equivalent to drunk driving. In fact, AAA has reported that missing even a few hours of sleep creates crash risks similar to drivers who are legally intoxicated. Avoiding drowsy driving is not always a simple task, but it can be done when motorists focus on getting adequate amounts of sleep and avoiding risky driving when they are too tired to do so safely.
  • Road work safety – Roads and highways are constantly being improved, repaired, and expanded, especially on highly traveled California roads. Because work zones do create unique risks, including slowed and congested traffic, it bears reminding that drivers have a unique duty of care when traveling on roads under construction. Be vigilant of these work zones, reduce your speed, and be aware of workers nearby to reduce risks of preventable wrecks.
  • Falls – Falls account for numerous injuries, as well as many preventable deaths. This is especially true on worksites where workers perform their jobs at heights, on ladders, and on scaffolding. It can also include slip and fall accidents caused by property owners who fail to address potential hazards such as slippery floors, open holes, and other dangers. Avoid falls by making safety a priority, obeying safety regulations, and taking precautions to address hazards as soon as they present themselves.

Safety should always be a priority, but as we have seen throughout the years, it often gets put aside when individuals are negligent, careless, or simply inattentive to potential hazards they knew or should have known about. When such negligence leads to preventable injuries, victims have rights – and they can exercise those rights by working with proven personal injury attorneys from our firm.

To learn more about your rights, financial compensation, and whether you have a potential case, contact our personal injury lawyers for a free and confidential consultation. Accident Attorneys serves clients throughout Lancaster, the Antelope Valley, and surrounding areas of Southern California.