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  • Greyhound Bus Crash in Fresno: Accident Attorneys Can Help File Your Case

    On Sunday, March 24, a Greyhound bus carrying 35 passengers crashed, injuring at least ten passengers and sending one to the hospital. Passengers say the bus swerved up an embankment when merging from the 99 South onto the 180 Eastbound in Fresno. The crash caused the vehicle to swerve and jolted several passengers, causing at least 10 to complain of pain after the incident. One passenger was ...
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  • New California Law Bans Holding Phone While Driving

    As of January 1, 2017, California is now a completely hands-free state when it comes to cellphone usage for motorists. Bill 1785, which goes into effect at the start of 2017, makes it illegal for drivers to perform any action that requires the use of a phone or other device in their hands – including texting, tapping, scrolling, swiping, and making calls. The evolution of smartphones and the ...
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  • California Broadens Its Ban on Smartphone Use Behind the Wheel

    In 2006, California passed legislation to ban texting and driving behind the wheel, as it was readily apparent that this new cellphone feature was causing significant and dangerous driver distraction . As technology advanced and changed, the laws did not. People hardly use their smartphones – saying cellphone is even a bit antiquated – just for texting anymore, as the devices can literally do more ...
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  • Ballot Measure M Proposes New High Desert Rails & Freeways

    One of the many projects and programs that would receive funding under the Measure M sales tax ballot measure in the upcoming November 8 th election is the Caltrans and Metro High Desert Corridor program . If funded, this program would allow the construction of a new 63-mile freeway between the Antelope Valley and San Bernardino County, along with a 36-mile bikeway running from 39 th Street in ...
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  • Lane Splitting Is Now Legal in CA - But Is it Safe?

    With the signing of A.B. 51 into law by Governor Jerry Brown on August 19 th , 2016, California is now the first state to legally recognize “lane splitting,” or the popular practice in which motorcyclists ride between lanes of traffic. The bill, which was sponsored by Assemblymembers Bill Quirk and Tom Lackey, formally approves the practice and gives the California Highway Patrol the ability to ...
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