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Blog Posts in 2013

  • Fatal Palmdale Accident Involved Los Angeles County Sheriff's Squad Car

    Last Saturday – December 14, 2013 – a squad car with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department collided with an SUV in Palmdale, leaving two dead and two others injured. Since the car accident took place, investigators have been attempting to determine the cause and whether the collision could have been prevented. According to officials from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the incident ...
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  • New California Traffic Law Aims to Reduce Bicycle Accidents & Injuries

    Last month California passed a new traffic law that aims to reduce high rates of bicycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities across the state. Under this new law – which is set to take effect on September 16, 2014 – motorists will be required to keep at least a three-foot distance away from bicycle riders as they pass them of the road. Although the law has stirred up differing views, it is a ...
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  • Reckless Driving Leads to Fatal Palmdale Car Accident

    A 19-year-old Palmdale man was arrested and jailed last week after he allegedly caused a collision that left one killed and three seriously injured. The accident occurred shortly after 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 19 when the Palmdale man was reportedly driving recklessly along Elizabeth Lake Road, according to the California Highway Patrol. He soon lost control of his vehicle, swerved across the ...
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  • Proving Liability in Lancaster Car Accident Cases

    Victims and families who have suffered damages during car accidents may have a right to recover their losses if they are able to prove that another's negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act caused preventable harm. Accomplishing this objective is no easy feat, but it can be made easier with the assistance of an experienced Lancaster car accident lawyer from Accident Attorneys. A practice that ...
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  • Should I Hire a Lancaster Car Accident Attorney?

    After any type of unforeseen accident, and especially after car accidents , many injured victims and their families are unaware of their rights and the ways in which they can recover their damages. During these difficult times, working with an experienced attorney can make all the difference. As our firm knows that victims are often hesitant about retaining legal representation, our Lancaster car ...
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  • Multi-Vehicle Pileup on 14 Caused by Wrong-Way Driver

    A massive pileup brought rush hour traffic on the 14 freeway to a screeching halt yesterday afternoon. Shortly after 4:30 p.m. on Monday, a white pickup truck traveling south on the northbound 14 near Escondido Canyon in Agua Dulce struck a total of eight vehicles before coming to a stop. The driver of the vehicle – a 54-year-old man from Canyon Country – also narrowly missed two California ...
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  • Dust Storms Cause Crashes Along 14 Freeway

    High winds kicked up dust all throughout the Antelope Valley this past week. As a result, visibility on the freeways was low, and there were multiple crashes in the area. The heavy, car-tossing winds and the thick clouds of dust created a dangerous commute for many Antelope Valley residents. ABC 7 reports that about 20 vehicles were involved in crashes on the 14 freeway over the course of the ...
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  • Antelope Valley Personal Injury Blog

    Welcome to the new blog for Accident Attorneys! We have more than 75 years of combined legal experience, and one thing that we have seen time and again is that the people who come to us for help are very often in need of guidance and education about the situation and legal system. In all likelihood, you have never before found yourself in this type of situation, and you may not know what to expect ...
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